hi, I have two questions. My first question Is by administering contrast when doing a CAT scan does that increase the amount of msv a person will receive or is the msv the same as without contrast and does the amount of radiation absorb by the organs increase ? For example if an abdominal /pelvic CT scan is 12 msv without contrast , using the same machine if contrast was then given would the total still be 12 msv but the amount of radiation absorbed by the organs be higher with the scan done with contrast as opposed to the one done without contrast ? I also wanted to ask when they say a hip x-ray is 0.6 msv does that mean for only one view or is that for two or even three views ? Thank you

The use of oral or intra-venous contrast material does not increase the radiation dose that the patient receives during a CT scan. If a scan protocol includes scans both without and with a contrast agent, then the radiation dose received will be the sum of the radiation from the two scans. Any contrast material present inside the body does not affect the radiation dose received during that scan. (For more information about contrast agents, see https://www.medicalradiationinfo.org/radiationandmedicine/medical-imaging/contrast-agent-needed/).

Publications that refer to the typical radiation dose for a certain diagnostic imaging exam should state clearly whether the estimate refers to a single picture or a complete examination that may include multiple pictures (otherwise known as "views"). If that information is not given, then the reader is left uncertain about the meaning of the dose estimate. X-rays of the hip typically involve 2-4 views of the hip depending on what the doctor requested.

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