Hi I am not sure if my question went through was I was resubmitting . I have 2 questions . First is it safe to do a full T3 MRI if the spine including lumbar and the a few hours later in the same day do an abdominal pelvic CT ? Does that increase cancer risk ? Second i know they say that MRIs are safe but if they use the sane RF as cell phones then why do they say cell phones cause cancer ? Can MRIs cause cancer like the cell phones can possibly do ? If that is a possibility then could it be dangerous to do an MRI before a CT scan ? Could the heating up of the tissue prior to x rays with the CT lead to more DNA damage ? Thank you , Lisa

CT scans, MRI scans and cell phones have one thing in common. They all emit energy known as electromagnetic radiation. However, the energy range and the intensity levels used are quite different, and the ways that the energy interacts with the human body are also different. There is no reason to be concerned that the energy from MRI will affect your body in a way that enhances the effect from the CT scan, or vice versa. There is also no reason to be concerned about cell phone use, because cell phones cannot cause cancer, and neither can MRI scans. CT scanning uses x-rays, which are a type of ionizing radiation. At very high radiation dose levels of ionizing radiation, cancer risk is increased. We know this because of studies of atomic bomb survivors and nuclear workers who received very high doses. For patients receiving lower doses such as from medical x-rays like CT scans, there is no evidence of an increased cancer risk above the baseline risk that we all face by simply living on Earth, unless many such scans are performed in a compressed time period. Natural DNA repair mechanisms can counteract the effects of ionizing radiation at low doses and dose rates. Using diagnostic imaging to detect a potentially serious disease is generally considered to be a good trade-off when compared with the small (or possibly non-existent) theoretical risk of causing a cancer that would not appear until many years into the future, if at all.

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