Medical Physics is

Being part of a healthcare team


Medical Physics is

Enhancing patient care through imaging


Medical Physics is

Ensuring precision treatment of cancer


Medical Physics is

Managing safe use of medical radiation


Medical Physics is

Developing new technology to improve health

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AAPM and Medical Physics Public Education

The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) is the largest professional organization in the US for physicists working in diagnostic, therapeutic, and nuclear medicine, as well as in radiation safety. Physicists in these disciplines often work with medical doctors to image and treat patients with cancer and other conditions, and may also carry out research and develop new technologies in the goal of bettering human health.

The AAPM Public Education Committee was established to provide information to patients and the wider public about the role of medical physics in health care, the technologies that medical physicists develop and oversee, and the requirements and opportunities for professional training in the field. This website was created by the Public Education Committee’s Website Subcommittee to provide an accessible and easily understandable resource for those seeking information about medical physics.

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